Lighting is one of the most overlooked yet crucial elements of a successful event. From corporate to special events such as weddings there are a ton of lights, styles and designs that one can chose. Colours create and set moods and with our variety of lights and experience we can get your event venue looking the part.

With no expense spared, we use uplights, intelligent lights as well as a variety of led lights to stage the perfect event. Quality is paramount and this is why we do not believe in using imitation Chinese brands but instead the best quality American and German products.


Special Effects are an easy way to turn a great event into a memorable one. We offer a variety

of effects that can enhance any event or light

show. We will guide you throughout the process and make sure that your event stands out from all others. 


We Offer Quality Sound for a wide variety of events. We will help pick the right package for your event that is sure to guarantee smiles from all your guests.

Sound is not simply about being able to decipher or hear what is spoken or played through on a PA system. It is about connecting with those around us. This is why we stick with and utilize the top brands in the world. You can easily distinguish the difference in quality when you look at and listen to any of our systems in comparison to the competition. 


A DJ is someone who plays music to an audience. A Dj is so much more than that though. Picking the right DJ may make or break your event. We have professional Djs with years of experience and can adapt to your event or crowd in an instant. We don't just show up with a DJ on the day of your event. We are able to meet with you to discus the style of music and specific songs you may want to hear or not on the day. Our DJs can read the crowd and keep them on the dance-floor all day and night. Do not regret going in for a cheap DJ, stick with us for an experience to be remembered.